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Check out this video to learn more about EO Summer School and our programme partners this year.

In EO Summer School you have the chance to choose your own adventure by opting into one OR both of the following learning tracks.

What you can expect:

This learning track is for those who are looking to clarify their message and grow their business to the next level.

This is for you if you you have hit a plateau in your business and are feeling disconnected from your ideal customer. You'll refine your overall brand message and learn how to use it effectively throughout the different parts of your marketing sales funnel.

Learn from key executives in the StoryBrand team, including the founder himself, Donald Miller, on how getting really clear on your message can revolutionize your business.

What you can expect:

This learning track is for those who are looking to maximize their direct to consumer sales process.

This is for your if you want hands on training from industry experts on setting up or improving the setup of your e-commerce business. This will include guidance on selecting the right platforms and systems, audience testing, revenue forecasting, real-time data actioning and new trends in e-commerce.

Learn from key members of Gary Vaynerchuk's teams on how they approach e-commerce in our ever evolving world.

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What makes Summer School so special?

"I’ve learned more within this short period than in all my years with EO… If you’ve ever thought to attend this course go ahead and you will be amazingly shocked with the content and value!"

Bashar Al-Abdulhadi, EO Kuwait

"I thought the EO Summer School was a great learning opportunity! I loved meeting members from around the world, sharing our goals and holding each other accountable." Marsha Ralls, EO DC

Meet some of your Summer School instructors

  • Don Miller
    CEO @StoryBrand

  • Rachel Tipograph
    Founder & CEO @MikMakTV

  • Bob Dashtizad
    Vice President @TheSashaGroup

  • Dr. J.J. Peterson
    Chief of Teaching and Facilitation @StoryBrand

  • Zubin Mowlavi
    President @VaynerCommerce

Thank you to our Summer School sponsors!

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help

  • Who?

    Summer School is open to EO members, SLPs, EO Accelerators, EO Professional Staff, Key Staff for an EO Member, and son/daughters of an EO member.

  • What?

    Summer* School is a 3 week learning and networking programme. You will be able to register to 1 or 2 tracks. Within each of these tracks, there will be a number of different learning opportunities ranging from case-study workgroups and self-paced learning to large keynote webinars and intimate Q&As with subject matter experts.

    *We understand it's not summer everywhere in the world, however, our goal is that you experience those fresh "summer vibes" while learning :)

  • Where?

    Your own home! Summer School is an entirely virtual program. Sessions will be conducted via Zoom and other interactive platforms.

  • When?

    Summer School will launch on 12 July and run through 30 July 2021. Exact session dates will be dependent on the individual track schedules. Registration will close on 2 July, 2021 at 5pm EST.

  • What is the cost?

    Summer School is being launched as a complimentary benefit to the EO Community. Spaces are very limited and therefore, community members should only sign up if they can commit to full participation each week. Tracks may also include some optional discounts and offers only available to Summer School participants, should they so desire.

  • What is the schedule?

    You can find The Brand Storytelling Lab Schedule here and The E-commerce Lab Schedule here. We will be sending out Zoom details and "Add to Calendar" option 10 days prior to the starting of the Challenge. Thank you so much for your patience.

  • What is the time commitment?

    We anticipate that participants should set aside 4-5 hours per week to participate in each Lab coursework. This would be doubled if you choose to sign up for both Labs. Program coursework will be a combination of interactive sessions, and self-paced learning.

  • If I am unable to attend one of the interactive or live sessions, will they be recorded?

    We will endeavor to schedule the sessions at times that are conducive to most time zones. That being said, all sessions will be recorded for your review at a later time should you not be able to attend in person.

  • Still have questions?

    Contact learning@eonetwork.org

EO is committed to providing members with the best learning opportunities possible, even when speakers may have opinions we disagree with. Just because a speaker has been brought to an EO platform does not mean that EO endorses all of their past comments. We require all speakers to respect our members and values when interacting with EO. In return, we ask our community to be respectful of the diverse thoughts and perspectives of the various voices we bring to our learning platform.